I Love Talking Dirty About Your Wife

Talking dirty about your wife.

You married guys can’t even imagine how I love talking dirty about your wife. Those sweet, innocent, settled down women that are so used to getting the same pumping from their husbands, drive me insane with lust for them.

My college cock throbs to slide into those matures mouths and in between those hot married thighs. I can get my fair share of college chicks but I’d rather plow your wife hard as you watched and jacked off while she screams out in pleasure.

Like Talking Dirty About Your Wife?

How many of you guys out there like talking dirty about your wife? I love pulling out my 10 plus inches on webcam and stroking it off as I talk about your wife, so you can see exactly what she does to me.

Even those she is married to you I want her badly and will do whatever it takes to bury myself deep inside of her hot housewife holes. Let’s talk dirty about your wife!

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