Top 4 Reasons Some Guys Crave Cuckolding

Top 4 reasons guys crave cuckolding.

As crazy as it seems, some guys simply craving cuckolding like nothing else. For us ladies it is even more mind blowing to find out that the men we are with want us to play with other cocks but it is true for a portion of us. Now let us take a look at the four most popular reasons men want it so badly

1. They have a fetish for voyeurism.

For guys that already have a voyeuristic fetish, cuckolding seems like a natural fit for many of them. So if you know your man gets extremely turned on by watching you undress, take showers or any other naughty activity — it could be a telltale sign.

2. They have really small dicks.

Men that have the unfortunate pleasure of having small dicks tend to drift their way towards the cuckold scene for obvious reasons. After realizing they do not have the equipment to please someone sexually, they often begin to fantasize about how to make that happen for their own girlfriend or wife. We all know that leads to! So if your man is packing less than 6 inches of dick, that is most likely why he craves cuckolding.

3. They suffer from premature ejaculation.

I know this reason along with the last one seems hard but they are oh so true. If you are with a guy that is a minute man, a two pump chump or just can’t hold his load for the life of him, then you may be in for a treat. That treat being that odds are he will find out soon enough that he too craves cuckolding and probably already does.

4. They think you are that hot.

It is hard for some to believe but not all cuckolds have small penises. There are plenty of attractive hung guys that crave cuckolding, maybe not has many as the micro dicks of the world, but trust me they do exist. These guys typically are so attracted to their wives and so in love with them that the idea of seeing them being pleasured is a turn on in itself. Even though these guys have all the prowess needed to never leave you aching for anything more, they crave it because they think you are so damn sexy. They know they can please you but they get off seeing how hot you look while giving a blowjob or having sex with others.

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