Not All Cuckolds Have Small Penises

Not all cuckolds have small penises.

Although the adult industry would have you think otherwise, not all cuckolds have small penises like they try to portray. Just like not all guys into sharing their wives are submissive or can not sexually satisfy their wife — but that is a whole other topic.

Penis size often gets brought up about cuckolds because it is easy to assume that any guy willing to watch his woman with another man must be either gay or have a small penis. However that is simply not the case. Some of them do yes but not the overwhelming majority.

Cuckolds Love Seeing the Pleasure

Most cuckolds just love watching and love seeing their partner enjoy the pleasure that comes from hooking up with any man she wants. Some others simply love seeing their wife act naughty or slutty in front of them.

Guys with Small Penises Are the Exception

Rarely does it have to do with the size of their penis rather that is just a fetish within a fetish in a sense. Typically you’ll find that guys with small penises are the men wanting to find their wife a bigger man or crave being humiliated by that fact. These guys are into the cuckolding but also have a fetish for small penis humiliation.

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