Two Pump Cuckold Chump

Two Pump Cuckold Chump

While I was away for work my longtime girlfriend told me that she was watching porn to get off to while I was away. This was strange because she was a shy girl who only went to a few parties.

Anyways I was really horny and sent her interracial and cuckold porn to see how she would react. She watched some and asked if that’s what I want to do. That’s when I told her my best friend has a big dick and all the girls he’s been with talk about how hung he is.

Girlfriend Cuckolds Me Like Crazy

It only took a few weeks and she was fucking his 9 inch coke can cock raw and by raw I mean bareback. This went on for a few months until I could come home and see her banging him randomly without even asking me. She had made around 6 boyfriends in a short time while I hadn’t touched a woman for a year, including her. This was all in the first year of getting cuckolded!

Our Second Year

Anyways me and my friend drove up to see her from the south months later. My girlfriend was waiting at our pickup location with my best friend. We talked a little and drove to a small bus lot. Then I told my buddy to fuck my girlfriend in front of me like we discussed.

Once I got her pussy wet enough he slipped in after a few tires. He fucked her for about 10 minutes until he pulled out and told me to have a turn. I told him no he’s doing a good job and to finish inside her fertile pussy.

Sloppy Seconds Made Me Two Pump Chump

Once he did he started getting dressed and I moved between my girlfriend legs and tasted his cum. I went to pull up to her but she was resisting because she said his big cock hurt her pussy and it was tender now, so no sloppy seconds for me. Luckily she ended up letting me slip it in a couple times and I busted my nut in her literally like a two pump chump.

Just feeling hot open and wet her pussy was after having sex with him pushed me over the edge. I slid my cock in balls deep, pulled it out part way and pumped into her a second time and came. Now she picks on me and tells her friends that I am two pump cuckold chump.

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