Sharing Your Wife with a Bigger Man

Sharing wife?

Sharing wife fantasies are becoming more prevalent than ever and one group of fetishists are growing more so than others — guys with small dicks.

That’s right, all of you guys packing tiny pickles for penises are the fastest group of men latching unto the cuckold fantasy or idea of sharing your wife with another man. If you haven’t come to your own conclusion yet — it’s because they want their wives to have sex with a bigger man or in other words, a man with a big dick.

Many of them spend years in denial, trying to convince themselves that they are average or that their small penis can actually please their wife but deep down inside they knew the answer all along.

So when they come across something like the idea of cuckolding, of course it’s going to seem appealing. After all they have had to deal with knowing their wives aren’t sexually satisfied and had to worry about being cheated on but now they have a way to stay with their wives and let them get the pleasure they deserve!

Sharing Wife with a Bigger Man?

You know she wants it and you know you can’t provide it, so go ahead and start sharing your wife with a bigger man — if she wants to of course. In these type situations it’s completely up to the couple to decide what is most comfortable so everyone is satisfied. Just think you could watch her banging that big man or you could sit home jacking off thinking about it. Nothing could be more suitable for a short dick man.

If you’d like to read more about becoming a cuckold so your wife can enjoy well hung guys, check out this question we had sent to us from a guy who claims his wife wants to cuckold his small penis.

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