Wife Wants to Cuckold My Small Penis

Wife wants to cuckold me

My wife wants to cuckold me because of my small penis. She says it has been years of unsatisfying sex that she put with and now wants to feel fulfilled for once. I asked her if I could do things to improve in the bedroom instead and that’s when she told me that you can’t improve a small penis or a quick cummer. I felt ashamed and humiliated but in a weird way it kind of turned me on.

I never fantasized about her banging another man before but the way she was acting plus how humiliated I felt seemed oddly hot. She ended up telling me that I could either agree to become a cuckold or I can get lost basically. We’d still be able to have sex but she said it would be a lot less because she’d be satisfied by a real man. Should I do it?

Your Wife Wants to Cuckold You

One this is for certain, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about this happening. You see what happens is sometimes a woman falls in love with a man and figures that she can deal with him having a small penis.

Some women still have trouble thinking sexually due to various reasons which leads them into this way of thinking. Well then next thing you know 10 years later she is finally open to herself about being a sexual person and realizes she needs a real man’s penis to be sexually satisfied especially when it comes to orgasms that don’t come from oral sex only.

So what I would do is talk it over with her again and see if you can get her to agree to not do it unless you can get into the idea. Then see about getting her to spend some time doing some pillow talk about it with you while you have sex. You mentioned humiliation being intriguing as well and the same must apply with her or she wouldn’t have just blurted out you have a small penis. So the idea of humiliating you probably turns her on. Find out about that!

Once you’ve tested the waters then you can decide for yourself if this is the kind of relationship you want to be in or not before you bite off more than you can chew or come test it out live streaming with me. All the best in your cuckold journey.

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  1. Try cuckolding him, read about it, my bff did it too her husband. It took her like three months to seduce her husband into the idea but now she sees the stud twice a month and they both enjoy it. She told me, if a guy is small and truly is in love he will be understanding. Good luck!!!

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