Please Turn Me Into a Hot Wife

Woman wants to be turned into a hotwife

I’ve had fantasizes involving sleeping with other men while my husband watches and masturbates.

I really want him to turn me into a hot wife but I don’t know how to even talk about something like this with him.

How can I bring it up without hurting his feelings. It’s not about anything he’s lacking I just love the idea of being watched by my husband with his approval.

The last thing I want to do is make him feel like he is lacking anywhere that’s why it’s crucial I talk to him about it the right way the first time around. Any help is appreciated.

Turn Me Into a Hot Wife Already

We appreciate the question and just want to congratulate you on coming to terms with your own fantasies. First of all cuckolding has a bad rap and so does being a “hot wife” but in reality you can be into both without needing all the humiliation and small penis related stuff involved or needed.

What I’d suggest you do is bring things up to your husband slowly. Tell him that you get turned on by the thought being watched while you get it on.

Don’t jump right into the whole you want him to watch aspect, you know warm him up to the idea. You never know he might end up thinking about the same thing when you mention that.

Of course you can’t count on that so once he is warmed up to that initial idea start talking dirty to him a bit about it during sex and also ask him if he has any fantasies as well – once again you might get lucky!

Proceed Slowly with the Hot Wife Life

Then as things progress you can slowly bring up different ideas and variations of the whole being watched fantasy and one of them will just happen to be him watching while you have sex with someone else.

Also I’d like to suggest that you make sure that throughout all of this you keep reassuring and complimenting on his dick size, how good he is in bed and any other compliment you can think of. After all compliments go a long way.

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One thought on “Please Turn Me Into a Hot Wife

  1. You may find he already is turned on to the idea. Second, tell him some of the girls at work get to play with husbands ok (do you know any). Get some adult magazines with shared wife topics (once he reads about it, it may become a topic)

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