Husband Said He’d Suck a Guy for Me

Husband tells wife he'd suck for her

If you’re in a relationship with a cuckold or someone with wife watching fantasies you may end up finding out things about him you didn’t other wise realize.

One thing we hear often is, “My husband said he’d suck a guy but he isn’t gay or bisexual?”, or something along those lines. Maybe the two of you are role playing in bed or talking dirty to each other and all of a sudden he springs it on you.

Well don’t worry! There’s no need to go crazy and think he is a closet case or is secretly pursuing men behind your back. It’s fairly common among cuckold fantasy lovers for them to be willing to do anything to please their wife or girlfriend and some even like things such as giving another man head in front of you as an added element of humiliation.

Whether or not he would do it in real life if you wanted him to is a whole other story. Tread lightly for those of you currently enjoying other men with your man’s approval.

For those of you who just get into wife watching type role playing then it boils down to whether you’re willing to incorporate this into the mix. Obviously if it grosses you out or your not into picturing your guy doing that then just tell him, nicely.

You’ll find a guy who is into cuckolding or sharing his partner with others is typically the type that won’t want to talk about something or do anything that won’t turn you on as well. That’s one of the perks of being with a guy like that!

It’s all in your own personal limits and tastes so just let it be known and have some fun.

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