Wife Said No to Sharing Her!

Wife said no to sharing her with other men.

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We talked it over and my wife said no to sharing her with other men. Her reasoning was it would be too awkward being naked with someone she doesn’t know and wouldn’t want to risk catching anything but cared more about the awkwardness and fear of local people knowing.

What can I do to convince her?

A Big NO to Sharing Her

Sounds like someone is an eager beaver! All jokes aside I totally understand that you as the person in the relationship with this fantasy, are super eager to get her to go through with being shared but you need to step back and see it from her side.

You’ve probably spent months or even years fantasizing about sharing your wife with other men but odds are she hasn’t. In fact this may be a total surprise to her that something like this even exists.

Also the last thing you want to do is try to convince her to go through with this. She has some very valid and real concerns but did you notice she didn’t say no because the idea grosses her out or turns her off?

So don’t lose hope instead chat about it with her from time to time without pressure, just playfully. Maybe even talk dirty to each other some and throw things out there like; “Tell me about the guy you had sex with while on vacation,” or “Do you like knowing you can enjoy him and never see him again?”

Posing questions and talking about things like that may bring her to her own conclusion that oh yeah this could happen with a guy that lives far away from here and stuff like that.

Who knows maybe even seeing if she would do something less physical such as giving another guy a hand job maybe be enough to make her change her mind. But please remember to never ever pressure her or try to convince her of anything. If she decides she wants to do it, she’ll let you know.

If anyone has advice they’d like to share with him, please feel free to share your thoughts as well.

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