I Love My Husband but Not His Tiny Dick

I love my husband but not his tiny penis

I love my husband, but I don’t love his tiny cock.

Now that he knows this, I have become a hotwife and he is now my cuckold. He is so submissive to me and I love having all the power in our bedroom and he gladly gives me all the big black cock (my personal preference) I want to fill me up and watches me with pleasure.

Hubby Humiliation and Sissification

I love dressing him up and telling him to go suck a real dick at pornshops or I invite cocks online over for him to suck while I watch. I wouldn’t change this arrangement for anything. He is now my humiliated sissy dick sucker too.

We have freaky hot fun and we make passionate love. Him having a girly dick has made our sex life so fun and it never gets boring now that I’m a hotwife and he is bisexual cuck. Plus all the perks with him worshiping my body and desires all night and the love shared and trust we feel has only grow now.

We often say cuckolding is the only way to be in a relationship with a tiny dick man. Our situation may be a bit much for some but this is what our led to and we are getting off on it big time.

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