Banging Cuckold Wives is My Sport

Banging Cuckold Wives is My Sport

As a proud jock I love sports but there is no sport better than banging cuckold wives. I’ve had my fair share of college chicks but none can compare to an experienced older woman.

When I stumbled across cuckolds & hot wives, I realized I found my one true sport and that was pounding this big pipe into as many married hot wives as I possibly could. What could be hotter than sliding into another man’s wife while he watches from across the room. I frigging love that. The dude just sitting there stroking away as I long stroke his wife to another orgasm.

I’m not going to lie, there are plenty of nights I stay up late masturbating the pictures and videos of married women, cuckold scenes and chat with married guys who want to share their women. The thing that sucks is most women won’t even think about hooking up with another dude even if their man is cool with it.

That sucks but there are ways to still get off on it and share her. We can chat it up about your girl, what she looks like and what you wish she would do. Let me check it out and I’ll tell you all the ways I’d be banging those cuckold wives of yours and talking shit to you along the way.

Banging Those Cuckold Wives

You know what’s hot? My jock ass pumping deep into your wife and then looking over at you smirking, leaving you wondering what I’m thinking. Told you it was hot.

Trust me guys I think about banging those cuckold wives of yours just as much as you think about sharing them with another dude. So don’t hold back that shit, hook up with me so we can talk about your woman and how I’d get her off in ways that will leave her aching for more this hot young meat.

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