Would You Share Your Wife?

Would You Share Your Wife?

Many of us have fantasies and plenty even have full on fetishes but would you share your wife for real is the question at hand.

Could you handle seeing her kissing, grabbing, sucking and eventually getting banged by another guy before your eyes?

Really think about it and all the details that go along with it. It would be pretty weird to meet up with a guy, say nothing, strip down and go right to having sex.

So instead think about the flirting that would take place, how turned on the other man would be getting for your woman and the progression into heavy petting, groping and soon oral sex and then some.

Still Think You’d Share Your Wife?

Now with that mental image going on think about yourself sitting there watching while it all takes place. Do you think you could handle sharing your wife as those sounds of hot sex fill the room? We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it!

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One thought on “Would You Share Your Wife?

  1. I could and would. Have chatted with folks that claim to be in the cuckold lifestyle. When I ask each man if their wife would stop if they did not want them with other men anymore, they said yes. Should this be true then in my thinking they are not a cuckold at all, just a married couple playing games where a 3rd party is involved. To me, true cuckoldry is when the wife goes out with other men and the husband can do nothing about it. The husband may like, he may get turned on by it, or he may detest her being with other guys, regardless, he stays with her because of love, money, or other reasons, but a true cuckold has no power to stop his wife from doing whatever she pleases. While my wife of almost 20 years has never stepped out (as for as I know)I wish that she would, and I want it to be a true cuckold, not just a game

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