How to Cuckold Your Husband

How to Cuckold Your Husband
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How to cuckold your husband is a question that keeps popping up in our inbox so we wanted to give some tips on how it’s possible.

Actually it’s not only possible to cuckold your husband but it’s not that hard to do either especially if they like the idea of threesomes with another man.

Often men will fantasize about cuckolding but not necessarily want to do it in real life but the transition isn’t quite so difficult to pull off.

For starters keep it in the bedroom! Start things off with some hot talk in between the sheets and begin bringing things up when he is really turned on. But do it nonchalantly, say things like, “Watch that cock slide into me.” or “Stare at me while I lick up and down this hard prick!”

As you probably noticed your not saying to watch himself or his hard prick but rather referring to it like it’s someone else. He may not notice at first but it’s planting the seed in a way.

Learning How to Cuckold Your Husband is Easy

The next thing to do to come closer to cuckolding your husband is to get him watching adult videos and even checking out pictures of MILFs, Couples having sex and anything you can find that is videotaped or captured in an angle similar to that of him watching.

Over time you’ll see he will start craving it more and more. In a way your introducing him to what it would feel like it and you’ll be able to gauge your progress easily.

These are just a couple initial tips to test the waters before you dive right in and try cuckolding your man. We will be keeping up on this topic so expect more tips and advice to come soon.

Also if you have your own methods that have worked well please leave them in the comments section below for others to check out and use.

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One thought on “How to Cuckold Your Husband

  1. Thank you so much for the kind comments Barb. As I alldued to in the interview, I have been very surprised at the number of emails I have received from women on this topic. Many are already openly engaging in this activity with their husbands and having a lot of fun with it, while others are simply intrigued by it and want to know more about it. Though SPH can be a very fun activity for a couple to enjoy, it’s obviously not for everyone. Sadly, some small endowed men would be utterly paralyzed if their wives acknowledged their “short comings.” I had an email from one woman who had her own “secret” collection of sex toys. Finally, she mustered up the courage to let her husband watch her while she pleasured herself with her dildo, which was considerably larger than her husband. He was so terrified that he scooped up all of her sex toys and threw them away! She ended her email saying that she really missed her “friend.” I felt really bad for her.But, for many of us smaller endowed men who have looked in our sexual mirrors and accepted our small penises, SPH can be very powerful and erotic. The hardest thing for many lessor endowed men to do is to broach this subject with their wives. How do I bring up the subject? How will she respond, etc.? Regrettably, some men keep it as a fantasy because they are too embarrassed to bring it up, or they are certain their wives will have a negative reaction to it, but they still think and fantasize about it constantly. Fortunately, I felt I could talk to my wife about it, and I’m glad I did. I felt a great sense of relief and in a way liberated because I no longer had to pretend to be someone I wasn’t sexually. There is power in discovering what really turns you on sexually and then being able to share it with your partner. Thanks again for your comments!

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