Experiencing Cuckold Regret Happens Sometimes

Cuckold regret.

Cuckold regrets happen sometimes for the men, women or the entire couple involved. Often times it’s because of jumping into things without thinking it over or not asking enough questions beforehand. Other times it’s due to lack of boundaries or rules being set beforehand.

Become a cuckold or sharing your wife with other men comes with risk, some more obvious than others. There are stories of women that have gotten hooked on the big dick their lover was packing and other tales involving guys that were left feeling inadequate.

So what we’d like to do is open this up to all you of and see what some of your cuckold regrets have been. This is where you can share the good, bad and the ugly about your journey into the world of cuckolding and wife sharing.

So what is your biggest cuckold regret?

Feel free to leave your responses in the comment area below or go ahead and submit it here to have it published on the website.

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