Small Penis Humiliation Phone Chat with Ashley

Small Penis Humiliation

You deserve small penis humiliation don’t you, Tiny?

I can’t wait to find out more about how miniature your wiener is so I can laugh my hot ass off at you while you whine. But anyway, I’m Ashley a 19 year old bratty princess who enjoys making fun of and teasing horny pigs online in my spare time. It’s just so funny knowing how crazy my body makes you when I wear my skimpy little outfits or how hard your pinky sized dick gets when I tell you about what I have underneath it.

You’re probably wondering why would I waste my time getting a small cock sporting moron all worked up and hard. Well that’s easy I like getting them hard so I can bust up laughing even harder when even rock hard their little wiener still isn’t bigger than one of my fingers.

Plus on top of that my hot young body deserves to pampered and spoiled so I let all the inferior guys pay me to humiliate them, pay for my dates with real men and a number of other fun things. Your little penises are worthless so I might as well put your ass to use in a way that’s more suitable and hey at least you get to associate and chat with me.

You know that a hot girl like me would never mess with a tiny tiny little man like you otherwise. So quit hesitating and come get the small penis humiliation you deserve, Clit. If you’re really good I’ll let you have phone sex with me or maybe and it’s a big maybe, I’ll laugh at you on cam.

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