Am I a cuckold or just a wannabe?

Am I a cuckold?

So for some context me and my s/o are a switch couple, one day she’ll be dominant and the next I’ll be dominant. Most of what we do is over text simply because of distance because of certain circumstances but here recently I’ve really liked her being dominant. So every time we do it over the phone I suggest she is the dominant one.

It was going fine for awhile until what she was doing almost wasn’t enough to get me off because it felt like the same thing. So I told her to start telling me how much she loves her big dildo that I bought her and how much of a slut she is for it etc…

That slowly turned into her describing (the big dick) doing things to her which then turned into last night her going fully in depth about her getting fucked. She was talking about how it came in her mouth and things of that nature. Then we stopped referring it to “the big dick” and started say things like He/him/his and I really liked it.

I loved the way she described being used by “him” now me and her have more than a few times discussed our distaste for infidelity consensual or otherwise but I came the hardest I’ve ever came to this.

It weirded me out a bit. I felt almost guilty afterwards and I fully 100% believe that I have zero change of this becoming a real thing. I feel sick at the thought of her actually doing it but over text I love it.

What does this mean and is it possible that I am ONLY interested in it over the phone? If so, how do I explain it to her to where she believes me and she doesn’t mind continuing doing it?

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