Boyfriend Wants Me to Sleep with Black Guys

My boyfriend wants me to sleep with black guys.

Recently my boyfriend and I were having sex and he told me he wants me to sleep with black guys! Honestly it was quite the shocker to me and has nothing to do with being racist, I just don’t find any black men attractive.

I told him this and asked if we could talk dirty about it being with another white guy but he insisted it only turned him on if it was a black guy, Latino or basically any other race but white.

What the hell is up with that? Does he have some interracial fetish or is he just trying to figure out how to get into some black chick’s panties?

He Wants You to Sleep with Black Guys

Hey there and I am sorry to hear you sounding so confused at this point but that’s totally normal. Look on the bright side, at least your boyfriend feels comfortable enough with you to share such a fantasy.

The issue you’re dealing with here is the fact that your boyfriend has a cuckold fantasy or girlfriend sharing fetish that involves sleeping with black men. It’s not that different from the guys into the non-race based version of this fetish and I understand completely that you don’t find black men attractive. Hey we all have our personal preferences!

Some guys that are into cuckolding really do love the idea of watching their proper white girlfriend being taken by a black man sexually. This doesn’t apply to all guys into this fantasy as it’s more of a niche within the cuckold fetish realm itself and yes even some guys are actually in the closet and use this as a way to fulfill their own desires. This doesn’t mean that’s the case with your boyfriend though!

You’re Two Different People

Unfortunately for your boyfriend, you are not into this little niche and there’s nothing wrong with that. If he truly cares about you and you express this to him, he should understand and back off. He should consider himself lucky that you’d be willing to do some naughty pillow talk with him about it in the first place.

Just let him know you’re still open to that but you’re not comfortable fantasizing about it being a man of different race. Even tell him he can fantasize about all he wants but you don’t want it spoke about to you. End of story.

It’s almost guaranteed that your man isn’t interested in getting in a black woman’s panties. Cuckolds and guys into watching their woman typically aren’t the type that want to cheat or have sex with other women at all other than their own girlfriend or wife. That’s one major perk of this fantasy!

Just make sure to keep communication open with him, express how you feel and take it from there. No one should have to go along with anything they don’t find fun and sexually exciting as well. That’s the whole point!

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