Being a Hotwife: 5 Ways to Find Out if You Should Do It

Being a hotwife.

Becoming a hotwife can be one of the most exciting and scariest moments in your relationship. Most women could never imagine that their husband would want them fooling around with other men but somehow you’ve found yourself dealing with exactly that.

Obviously you’re considering it otherwise you certainly wouldn’t be reading this and it’s probably a lot to wrap your head around but don’t fret. I’m here to give you some easy ways you can tell if becoming a hotwife is the right thing for your relationship.

1. Talk Dirty About the Fantasy

Fantasy is one thing but seeing a big throbbing dick thrusting away at your wife is another thing. So make sure to test the waters first by talking dirty about it during foreplay, oral and actual sex. Make sure that even after climaxing that you can still talk about it without him getting angry or jealous plus see if you’re getting turned on by it as well.

2. Involve Realistic Dildos

This may sound crazy but it’s not. Get a super realistic dildo and incorporate that into the fun as well. Talk about cuckolding, being shared and hotwifing while using it with your hubby. Make sure that both of you are enjoying it too.

3. Show Some Skin in Public

Hotwife showing some skin in public for her husband.

When going out with your man dress a bit more revealing, show some more skin when out of town and see whether or not you like the way that men react, while your husband does the same. Odds are horny guys will be checking you out, possibly trying to hit on you and this way you’ll both get a bit more realistic taste of a hotwife lifestyle.

4. Start Being a Hotwife Online

Might as well use technology for all it’s worth! Don’t risk it all moving to fast, instead try being a hotwife online instead. Chat anonymously with guys, send naughty pics to each other and have some fun on adult websites before testing out the real world version of the hotwife life.

Your hubby can watch on and get in on the fun as well. The added level of realism can really test to see how far you want these wife sharing fantasies to go.

5. Plan a Short Getaway to a Hotel

Having a getaway to hotwife at a hotel.

Now this is the ultimate in testing the hotwifing waters — Plan a Getaway! It doesn’t matter if it’s an overnight trip to a hotel out of town or a night out at a bar. All that really matters in terms of making this work, is that you both go somewhere away from the locals because the last thing you want is to bump into someone you know. So go to a cheap hotel with a bar at it and get ready for some fun.

Although you can make this work with just a random bar, it’s much better done at a hotel with its own bar in the lobby or restaurant. With this setup you can pull off all sorts of fantasy situations and truly see how you both feel about wife sharing or cuckolding.

Once you’re at the hotel and all settled in for the night, head down to the bar but go at different times. Head into the bar let’s say 15 minutes before your husband so you can get comfy sitting at the bar, then he can arrive later and sit somewhere else — away from you but so he can still see it all.

Hopefully after a couple drinks, men will begin sitting up at the bar next to you while your husband watches on. Men will be offering to buy you drinks while flirting it up with you, trying to find out if you’re single or at least available I’m sure. Not only will this be pretty awkward for most married women but it will also give you and your husband the most realistic idea of what it’s like living the hotwife lifestyle (at least a little bit) and whether he actually enjoys watching his wife mingle with other men.

Now for those of you on the fence about becoming a hotwife, hopefully these 5 tips will help you determine what’s right for you. After you give them a try please let me know how it all turned out.

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