Wife Thinks I’ll Get Jealous if She Cuckolds Me

Wife thinks I'll get jealous.

When my wife and I got together I was a possessive guy but not anymore. Problem is my wife thinks I’ll get jealous if she cuckolds me and will regret it.

After over a decade together I no longer get jealous feelings or anything even close to what I used to be like and now want to see her with other men more than anything. What can I do to get my wife to truly believe I won’t get jealous if she cuckolds me. Any tips or advice is appreciated.

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Wife Thinks I’ll Get Jealous but I Won’t!

I’ve heard this one plenty of times and it’s pretty common actually. Men always tend to be much more jealous when they are younger and before they are truly committed.

So what happens is years later you find yourself wanting to share your wife and all she can think about is how jealous you once were and all the problems that could arise. Remember she’s your wife and she doesn’t want a divorce or problems especially over something you want. So what you’ll need to do is slow down and take your time.

For you, you’ll need to, over time, gain her trust in regards to your jealous. Have her do little things like flirt with men at a bar or wear revealing clothing so she slowly but surely sees that you’ve changed.

Over time you can prove yourself. You just need to be committed to the cause if you ever want your wife to stop thinking you’ll get jealous and maybe even grant you that fantasy!

What does everyone else out there think? Any tips or suggestions for him on his personal journey towards cuckolding?

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