Chat About Your Wife and Be My Cuckold

Chat about your wife with me.

Straight up I love married women and would love to chat about your wife and have you be my cuckold.

Both of us know that you are dying to finally talk about your cuckold desires and your hot wife’s body with someone and now is your chance to do it discreetly and without worry whatsoever.

Just like there are plenty of guys into sharing their wives, there are also guys like me that enjoy being the lover or the cuckold bull in the relationship. However intense you want it, is what I’ll provide. I want to get her off like no one else could or has before. Does that turn you on? You like hearing your wife spoke about in that manner?

Chat About Your Wife with Me

Feel free to tell me all about you guys. Let me know what she looks like, what she is into and what you’d like to see her doing. It’s no problem to tell you explicitly what I’d do with that sexy wife of yours. So if you really want to know, you know what to do.

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4 thoughts on “Chat About Your Wife and Be My Cuckold

  1. This is a really iiertestnng post, because it provides insight on a question me and my Master have been discussing. I am a sub and he is a switch, and with his last partner he was the sub. But we’re both the kind of sub that doesn’t give up easily, and generally needs to be forcibly overpowered before we submit. I am a 5-foot unathletic girl and he is a muscular man so obviously on the few occasions when we have felt it prudent to change roles, I failed miserably at overpowering him. 🙂 Maybe that’s what people were thinking of when this question was asked. :)I definitely agree with your point on mental dominance coming first I never thought of it that way and it’s really insightful. 😀

  2. I would like to talk to a bull about watching him fuck my wife, me cleaning his cock afterwards and eating her creampie.

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