Wanting to be a cuckold but she’s not interested for now

Washing another man's car like a cuckold

I have been wanting to be a cuckold for about 7 years now. I have mentioned it to my wife but she is not interested for now and I respect that. However I still fantasize about her being intimate with a man who is much more confident in bed and will rock her world so that she craves more. This in turn unleashes her inner sexual realization that she can have it all and be supported and be more confident and dominant.

I am good at oral but always feel I am lacking when it come to penetration. So would like someone who can really make her scream through waves of pleasure. A man who knows what to do and how to get what he wants.

I imagine him coming over to please my wife and saying to me,   ‘I am doing you a favor by pleasing your wife. You can do me a favor and wash my car.’ They proceed to have fun and leave the bedroom window open so I can hear whilst I wash his car.

Cuckold Cam

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