Found out former lover was a cuckold

I met a guy on a site for married people looking for affairs. He said his wife didn’t like sex and when asked if she was fooling around he said absolutely not. To make a long story short, I discovered they had been swingers and now he films her having sex with other guys and in gang bangs and having sex with other women.

I was blown away and my trust was totally shattered. I liked him and trusted him even letting him bareback me as he told me he only wanted one partner long term. I was totally lied to and deceived by this man. I have been told he is a Cuckold since the videos are her with other men and he does the filming. I never heard of the word cuckold before this.

What would his wife have done to him if she found out that he was having an affair with me? Could she have known about the affair and approved of it? By him having an affair does that mean he was not a cuckold? This is all very confusing for me to sort through. Suffice it to say that my world was shattered by all this guy’s lying and deceit.

Not all cuckold guys are into the same thing or even have the same relationship situation as one another. I’d guess that either his wife knew all about it because they are more of the swinging type.

Otherwise if he was a cuckold in the traditional sense then she wouldn’t know and could be super pissed about finding out about this. Of course there’s the third option and that is, he’s a cuckold but is regretting it and is now having affairs behind his wife’s back.

Sorry to hear you got caught up in the lies by this guy though. Lying is typically not part of the cuckold relationship dynamic. 

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