Should I Tell Wife About My Cuckold Fantasy?

Cuckold Fantasy

I’ve thought this for awhile but don’t know if I should tell my wife about my cuckold fantasy I’ve been having forever now. It popped up a couple years into our marriage and the idea of her being plowed by some hung bull is something that I can’t shake.

Just the idea of her letting me watch her jack off a buddy of mine or give some head makes me want to instantly orgasm into my pants. Usually I last forever when it comes to sex (literally a hour or so without cumming) but when I think about cuckolding during sex with my wife I am practically a minute man.

My question is should I tell the wife about this cuckold fantasy or keep it a secret?

– Hapless Cucky Wannabe

Telling Wife About a Cuckold Fantasy

You know this is one of those questions that is often asked but rarely answered appropriately, so let me give it a try.

If you have a cuckold fantasy it is unique in the sense that it is unexpected from a woman’s point of view. We expect men to fantasize about two women at the same time or even just another woman but most women don’t expect to hear their man wants them to play with another man let alone have a cuckold fantasy.

It’s off our radar and will be shocking to most. So be cautious!

How to Approach Your Wife About It

This isn’t the type fantasy you want to just bust out because it could lead to disaster. Obviously many of you guys out there know your wives and whether or not they will be shocked. So that’s your call but for those who are unsure — be cautious! I can’t stress that enough.

The reason is because some women will take it as disrespectful, they will assume you think of them are a piece of meat or a hooker and will lose respect for you because they think you have none for them. Unrealistic of them? Absolutely, but I’m answering this honestly and not sugar coated like the major magazines.

Instead try to approach your wife with a general discussion about fantasies and never, I mean never tell them right from the get go you want them to actually do it. Make sure they know it is 100 percent fantasy and just something you think about from time to time. You want to ease her into the idea rather than spring it on them.

As much as women want to claim they are open minded, reasonable and all these other lovely things — the truth is they are often judgmental, form their own conclusions based on assumptions and can be awfully dramatic. Why can I get away with saying all of these things? I’m a woman, trust me!

So take your time, ease her into it and size it up from there. Do not spring it on her and you might be surprised how hot things turn out!

If all else fails, keep your cuckold fantasy to yourself and chat it up with an online cuckoldress who will be more than happy to show you what it’s like to be a cuckold.

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