Would You Give Head for Your Wife?

Would you give head for your wife?

So would you? Would you give head for your wife? I’m not talking about going down on her because that’s a given if she wants it. What I’m referring to is sucking another man’s dick if your wife or girlfriend wanted you to while she cuckolded you.

Maybe she gets off seeing it happen, maybe she enjoys humiliating you or maybe it’s just part of the cuckolding package for her — either way, would you have the balls to do it or do you already?

For a growing number of cuckolds and hot wife sharing husbands out there they are finding that their wives want them to do this or along the way they decide themselves they want to give another man a blowjob.

The reasons behind it vary but the act certainly doesn’t!

Giving Head for Your Wife: Typical Scenarios

Just to give an idea for those who aren’t aware of this, lets take a look at a few typical scenarios where a cuckold hubby my find himself facing the act of giving head for your wife.

One example would be before she has sex with another man — no need for lube! A second example might be that in midst of having sex with her lover she may want you to come and taste their naughty blend, if you catch my drift.

Why not make the last example be the naughtiest which is where the cuckold is giving head to the hung stud after he has had sex with her and the cuckold is made to clean him up , sort to speak.

As you can tell the scenarios differ a bit but the main focus is that the cuckold is sucking a dick in front of his very own wife or girlfriend and her lover.

So now back to the question at hand — Would you give head for your wife? If you would, I’d love to hear about it in the comments or directly if you’re feeling naughty. Come chat with me on cam about it!

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8 thoughts on “Would You Give Head for Your Wife?

  1. i hate myself for writing that crap.I don`t want my wife to cheat on me with anybody,especially some ugly monkey,gorilla black guy.I want to be the strong dominant man in my wife`s life and her only lover.Men who let their wives cheat on them and like it should be ashamed of themselves and are total morons.I want to be the superman and superstud and beat up bullies and have beautiful women adore and love me.

  2. I’d love all of it my wife use to have three different boy friends when I met her and I loved eating her slippery cum filled pussy. But she won’t cuckhold me now and I would suck her lover cock in a heart beat

  3. As blended as eating another man’s come from your wife’s pussy is, actually sucking another man’s cock, or putting it in my mouth does not do anything for me sexually. I’d just as soon stick to licking it out of a woman’s pussy. But I’m not judgmental to those who desire to do so. I mean, just the thought of eating another man’s come out of your beloved wife’s pussy causes most people to gag. But that thought turns me on to no end.

    1. I am all for my wife doing that and much, much more. If you are a dominant black male in Georgia, email me. We are about an hour south of Atlanta and travel is no problem at all for her.

  4. At first, giving head to a man while my wife was cuckolding me with him was simply a fantasy… Then during one session with a well hung stud from Texas, my wife forcefully guided my head towards his hard cock and told me “open up and suck his big black cock”. I obeyed and let her push my head up and down on her bull’s cock, while slipping into a submissive state of mind and letting my saliva flow to make it a sloppy blow job. Now, I crave having whoever is cuckolding me to be as dominant as possible in compelling me to suck cock… Sometimes I cum from gagging on a particularly nice cock. So my answer is obviously YES!

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