I Want to Share My Wife with My Buddy

I Want to Share My Wife with My Buddy
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I want to share my wife with my buddy. He would definitely do it but my wife thinks it’s too close to home. What do you think? I want to do it badly. My biggest fantasy is to share my wife.

This is another question we received from a visitor on the site and wanted to answer this because it’s quite a common situation.

Typically a guy finds himself thinking about men to share his precious wife with and jumps right to the easiest person to find; the best friend or buddy.

Now your on point about one thing and that’s you want someone that is safe and that you can trust but safest and most convenient option isn’t the best. Your wife is most likely right that it is too close to home. After all you know your buddy is cool now but sex can change things.

Share My Wife with My Buddy

So if you are not the type of cuckold who enjoys having a close friend feel like he can come over anytime jockeying for sex or can come get some head while you’re working then you might want to go for something different. Of course those are worst case scenarios. But why risk your personal lives for convenience?

Instead take some time finding someone from outside your local area for discretion purposes (we all have to work) and don’t think of it as boring instead make it a part of the fun. Get your wife involved looking online, checking out pictures and even chatting.

This will only add to the excitement and anticipation plus you don’t need to worry about you and your buddy having one argument and he tells half the down he’s banging your wife.

Let us know what you think in the comment section and if you found this article helpful.

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3 thoughts on “I Want to Share My Wife with My Buddy

  1. I have to disagree about who to pick for the first time…it really doesn’t matter because after the first time you will gradually find your wife taking complete control of your sexual life until you wllingly have no say about every aspect of your life. You will watch her fuck all of your friends at some point and there will be so manny strangers coming in and out of your bedroom that you will welcome the times she fucks your friends. If you are lucky she won’t be able to convince your friends to fuck your face or ass..but the strangers will have at you manny times.

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