Regretting becoming a cuckold

Regret becoming a cuckold.

Often guys that fantasize about becoming a cuckold wonder if they will end up regretting it after they cum.

It’s a tough question to answer when the only way to find out is to take the chance. The safe bet is never doing it at all and that is also the only way to guarantee you won’t suffer from cuckold regret.

Will I regret becoming a cuckold?

A lot of thought needs to go into that question. Are you prone to jealousy, insecure about your penis size or stamina? Many questions will have to be asked but sometimes the best insight is from those that have been there and done that.

Read some of the real experiences expressed about this topic in this great cuckold regret discussion going on. Maybe you’ll gain a better understand in terms of what your next steps should or shouldn’t be.

Cuckold regrets from r/CuckoldPsychology

Do you think you would regret becoming a cuckold? Have you experienced this and felt regret afterwards? Share your stories with others below or submit your story here.

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