I Love Being Watched


Woman loves being watched having sex

Overall I’m actually quite a shy person but when it comes to sex I leave my shyness at the bedroom door.

I realized early on I got extremely turned on at the thoughts of being watched while I had sex.

It was one of the most erotic feelings and I often found myself thinking about it any time I was alone and eventually the more guys I dated it became a recurring theme in my fantasies.

Before I knew it I was thinking about having my boyfriends watch me having sex with other men and even got into some extremely steamy pillow talk about it.

Realizing I Truly Loved Being Watched

It was when I was in college I finally found out that the wife watching and even the cuckold lifestyle was exactly what I loved. I had been dating a guy for about a year when I we began really opening up about our sexual desires and one night we had a conversation about threesomes.

You can’t even imagine how turned on I was when he confessed to me that he often jacked off thinking about watching his wife or girlfriend have sex with another man.

Now that was hot but when he said he even fantasized about filming it – that’s when I was hooked.

Needless to say we ended up trying it out with a guy we met online and not only was it incredible sex but I actually cuckolded my first guy! I was a real deal Cuckoldress!

I’ve been addicted to it ever since and now love chatting with wannabe cuckolds and wife watchers any chance I get. I love telling you all about the naughty things I’ve done and of course, my personal favorite, role playing as your wife or girlfriend.

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