Cuckolds vs Swingers: What’s the Difference?

Cuckolds vs Swingers

Cuckolds vs Swingers? More often than not people mistake cuckolding for being swinging or vice verse.

On the surface it seems as if they are because after all it’s about having sex with people outside the relationship but that’s pretty much where the similarities end.

The definition of a cuckold has definitely changed but it never in it’s history has it meant it becoming a swinger. However many guys that are technically into being cuckolds, think they are just swingers with a hot wife.

Swingers: Who are They?

Swingers are typically couples that enjoy having sex with other couples or another woman from time to time. Some of the more active ones will become parts of swingers clubs or nudist clubs where they can indulge in the fun more often.

It’s not uncommon to always find a huge number of guys claiming to be single male swingers when in reality they are usually just horny guys who can’t get it elsewhere or they are married men trying to get some free action on the side.

Being a single male in the world of swinging is frequently frowned upon and few clubs even allow them as members. The reason for this is because the most of the men in these couples aren’t looking to watch their wife have sex with a stranger but are looking to do full swap sex with other couples.

Cuckolds Have a Different Desire

When you’re talking about cuckolds you’re talking about guys wanting to watch their wives or significant other getting it on with another guy but they do not wish to have sex with another woman. That’s the major difference in regards to cuckolds vs swingers.

Cuckolds simply have a different desire when it comes to having sex with other people outside the relationship for them it’s more of a voyeuristic pleasure and far more focused on the wife’s pleasure rather than their own.

There you have it everyone! That’s the difference between being swingers and being one of the cuckolds. Let us know what you think about it and any other differences you can think of.

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One thought on “Cuckolds vs Swingers: What’s the Difference?

  1. My wife and I tried swinging after I caught her having her 2nd affair. She told me she wanted to be able to have sex with other men, when I pushed her to be completely honest she told me it wasn’t for an emotional connection but rather because I wasn’t fully satisfying her sexually. That acknowledgement made me feel somewhat inadequate. We tried marriage counselling after her 1st affair, so this time I agreed to something different…swinging. We signed up to swing website and went to swing clubs with the intension of finding couples so we could both have sex. We weren’t very successful as it was hard to find another couple where all four of us were into a swap…usually I was the problem as the other woman wasn’t into me.

    My wife grew frustrated so we hooked up with two different couples where I agreed to sit out and just watch as they had a 3some. Watching my wife was a huge turn-on and I’d jerk-off watching. To be honest, though I didn’t tell my wife is was more a turn-on for me to see the guy fucking her than it was to see her with another woman. My wife told me she wasn’t into other women and told me since I wasn’t playing anyway she was going to look for just guys. It was at this time she emailed me so definitions of a cuckold, including the strict term of being a husband with a wife that cheats on him and has sex with other men.

    I admitted after reading about being a cuckold that I was one, which was a big step and in a way very humiliating for me to do, but it also help our marriage and for me personally was kind of freeing to be what I guess I always naturally was. I tried to hold on to some control but setting up “rules” to follow but my wife eventually ended each rule I’ve given in fully to being her cuckold! The funny thing is my wife started this to be able to have sex with other men, but I prefer the more extreme aspects of cuckolding now which she isn’t into.

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