Cuckold Fantasies Are Some of the Most Diverse

What are Your Cuckold Fantasies?

Cuckold Fantasies are one of the most diverse and misunderstood fetishes out there. It’s still quite unheard of by many but those who are into wouldn’t have it any other way.

The fantasy is one that once realized it is hard to shake. For those who share this fantasy they will understand exactly what we mean by that. For a cuckold or wannabe they can’t help but imagine their wife or girlfriend having sex or taking part in some sort of sexual activity with another man or group of men.

It drives them wild with passion and leaves them getting hard time and time again fantasizing about it.

For us ladies when our men first approach us with this can be quite shocked by it. After all most men are overly protective and jealous about their wives. But ladies do realize your husband or boyfriend isn’t saying this because he thinks your easy or a slut but rather it’s because your the center of their sexual thoughts.

Cuckold Fantasies Aren’t Always Bad?

On the other hand you have a husband who thinks your the sexiest woman alive truly and that’s why it turns him on so much to think of other men with you. Of course everyone’s tastes will differ but this is usually the basis for wanting it but it can incorporate many other things.

For example your wannabe cuckold may only want to role play and chat about sharing you where others really will want to let you have sex with other men. So find this out before you even consider anything more. Also some cuckolds are interested in bi-sexuality such as performing oral on the guy before you have sex with him and there are even some cuckies who love being humiliated or made fun of during it.

As you can see cuckolding as quite a complex fantasy simply because of all the variations within it and this article was just an overview of it! Hopefully this will shed some light on the topic and can help some of you who have this brought up in your own relationships. Let us know your thoughts on this naughty topic or come chat it up with us.

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3 thoughts on “Cuckold Fantasies Are Some of the Most Diverse

    1. vinzee on December 30, 2011 Hello ! I’m french and my name is viencnt ; your wife is very beautiful if you have some photos, you can send me : i will reply you. Bravo for your cuckolding !

  1. that she can’t understand me pushing her towards another man, and her initial comment about me watching her have sex with another man was that it was “creepy”. I do recall seeing a letter in a woman’s magazine about 20 years ago by a woman whose husband had asked her to have sex with his friend. The advice from the Agony Aunt was that she should leave him immediately. If a suitable opportunity arises then I will try and have a chat about sperm competition with my wife. It’s not straightforward though, as I don’t want to be going on about this all the time and a discussion about theories of sperm competition may seem like I’m taking it too seriously.Incidentally I prefer to describe my interest as wife sharing, rather than cuckoldry as I have no interest in the humiliation and bi-sexual aspects (though they clearly are important to many people).

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