Cuckold boyfriend cheated without my approval. Am I overreacting?

OK, so my boyfriend introduced me to cuckold porn and I loved it! And we talk a lot during play time and voice our fantasies to each other. We even went as far as inviting a few different men into the bedroom so he could watch them please me. All of these things were his idea and I went along with it because I was intrigued and I wanted to please him.

Well, we have been looking for a female next,  just haven’t been too lucky. He decides to tell me about this 22 year old he met at work and in the bedroom, tells me what he’s going to do with her. I loved it because that’s what we do, we talk a lot of shit but we have never acted on any of it. The next day, mother’s day, we had plans to go visit my mom. He gets up and heads into work for a little bit and I don’t see him again until after 8pm because he says he is overloaded at work. No biggie, I completely trust him.

Later on, we are in the mood and he whispers in my ear asking me how her pussy tastes and I went along as usual and it’s all hot. He gets more into it and starts giving me details that were so good that I’m like, wait a minute… are you serious right now??? And he nonchalantly says, well yeah, I told you I was going to!! And I about died.

I feel completely cheated on because not only did he break our plans to go behind my back, he also lied! But his defense is that I can bang other men but he can’t bang other women? But my argument is that all the men I banged, he was not only right there in the room, but he set everything up!!!

Am I in the wrong here? Because I have a bad taste in my mouth about cuckolding now because I wasn’t prepared for this at all. It’s not how I imagined it would be and now I’m crushed because I feel completely betrayed. Am I overreacting?

First of all, I’m sorry to hear that you’re dealing with such a tough situation right now but no you’re not overreacting. Cuckold and Cuckquean situations within a relationship need to be discussed in depth and all boundaries need to be kept. Otherwise it quickly turns into a cheating situation. Cheating is only acceptable if both of you have agreed to it as part of your fantasy.

Unfortunately some guys use a sharing their partner with other men as a way to create an excuse for their own cheating. This sounds more like what he did to you. He may or may not have already been doing this behind your back but regardless he crossed a line that you had not approved and made you a Cuckquean, which is the same as being a cuckold only with the roles reversed.

Sure a lot of couples find it hot but only when both parties are involved and have determined they truly want to do it. Otherwise it’ll lead to a situation like the one you’re currently dealing with.

Now is the time to really talk to him about this, express your feelings and get him to confess to everything he has done. Trust is key in any successful relationship and without a doubt he knew what he did was wrong no matter what he tries to say.

After all the only times you messed around with other guys was when you both agreed and arranged things. He did the exact opposite. He cheated on you and used cuckolding as his excuse. Sorry you have to deal with such ignorance. Feel free to submit any other questions you may have.

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