Are you a cuckold? Join the conversation!

Are you a cuckold or would like to be? Come join the conversation and see what everyone has to say about cuckolding. Hear from real men, women and couples that are either living it or fantasizing about it. Go share your experiences, fantasies and more in the comment area below.

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3 thoughts on “Are you a cuckold? Join the conversation!

  1. Hi, great content!

    Not sure I’m a cuckold.
    I fantasize about it since I stumbled on photos my girlfriend keeps with some ex lovers.
    Her first ex-boyfriend plotted her breasts once when she was visiting him. And some messages exchanged with another who still thinks of her. That was all.
    She cheated and was cheated in her past relationships.
    More than ten years since we are together and I never cheated on her, but had an affair with a beautiful woman, slept together but stopped just before the sex part. Wasn’t easy. As I confessed to my fiancée, she told me that a few years back she had dated an ex crush for half an year. They had sex several times, unprotected, with we never had. I even drove her to dates without knowing. I was excited and I hoped she would break up with me but we are still together.
    We have sex a few times a year and I mostly secretly masturbate to humiliation and cuckold captions. She is not at all the hot-wife type so I guess that resumes our cuckold experience, that’s why I don’t think I’m a cuck.

    Thanks and I apologize if it was too long.

  2. Hi nice to be here. I am an asian guy very much into being a cuckold. Not sure if my wife is into it. She is also asian. With a body like hers, I am hoping that will come when I get to watch her being taken. I am geting so crazy always thinking about it.

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