Uncommon Cuckold Couple at a Crossroads

Uncommon Cuckold Couple at a Crossroads

My wife grew up very sheltered, is very involved with the community, sits on a city counsel and wants to run for mayor. I come from a larger city and am much more adventurous. I also have a 4.5 inch dick hard which has never been complained about but I want my woman to be completely satisfied.

I’ve had cuckold issues since the beginning before porn. I convinced her to go to a glory hole and she loved it, says she was doing it for me, which is a true statement but the excitement was very evident on her part and we went back numerous times. Then she actually cucked me with a bull who had a cock, a big 7 inch cock! She recorded most of it and the moans of satisfaction were loud and clear.

We are now at a crossroads where she is unsure and reluctant. Need advice on where we should go from here.

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