Successful couple loves living the hotwife life

Black couple into cuckolding

As a successful black couple we’ve found that living the hotwife lifestyle has brought us even closer. Our friends would probably be shocked that my husband likes to share me but what they don’t know, won’t hurt them.

We’ve been living the hotwife lifestyle for 3 years now and while I was initially shocked when my husband told me about it, I’ve come to love it and all the fun I get to have can’t be beat. I thought it was a setup when he told me he fantasized about watching me suck big white dick. After he spent a few months convincing me, I finally gave in and haven’t looked back.

Prior to the pandemic we were meeting up with white bulls a couple times a month. It  turns me on so bad every time I suck a new cock in front of hubby, when I see how hard it makes him. Sometimes he gets off watching me so much that he premature ejaculates in front of us.

Featured Cuckoldress: Coco Katana

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