Size Queens: Women that cuck you with big dicks

Size Queen Definition

Size Queen is a nickname given to women that prefer big dicks. That basically means all women are size queens. 

Mark: She laughed at my 5inch boner when she saw it. That chick must be a size queen!

Most Women Are Size Queens

Considering the overwhelming majority of women are technically size queens, it only makes sense that the name is typically only used by men with small penises.

Normally these tiny dick guys use call women this because it turns them on. However other bitter little cocks say it as if it’s an insult — which makes zero sense at all. That’s a rarity though. Most men with tiny cocks are naturally drawn to cuckolding and know that women need big cock to be satisfied.

Get Cucked by Big Cock

There is not quite as humiliating as being cucked by a guy with a big cock. It’s even more emasculating when your woman insists on it because of your own lack of dick. Watching as she sucks and gets banged by that big cock will leave you either crying or trying to keep from cumming all over yourself.

Some women prefer big dicks whereas other women truly partake in big dick worship. In other words they’ll do whatever it takes to please their hung lovers regardless if a cuckold boyfriend or husband is watching.

Does getting cuckolded by a size queen turn you on? If it does let us know your thoughts below or share your real life experiences and let everyone know what it’s like.

For those of you wanting to try it out right now, you can find a big dick loving cuckoldress online or even a hung bull to torment you with his big fat floppy cock.

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