Kristen cuckolded me with a hung lookalike and now I beg for creampies

We were literally within months of getting married when Kristen dumped me. The reservations were all made, reception booked, you name it. Then she broke up with me only to soon end up engaged to a guy that looked just like me. I even make more money than he does. It all started to make sense and when I saw that huge bulge in his pants along with a smirk on his face, I really knew the truth. I had been cuckolded to the max by a huge dick packing lookalike.

Kristen cuckolded me openly too. She ended up engaged in no time, though she said it would take her awhile to get over me. Next thing I know she’s getting married and even got bred by him in record time. Now her and her friends giggle behind my back about how small my penis is and that I’m a total cuckold bitch. They think it’s hilarious that he has 11 inches of BWC and I have 4.5 hard inches of cuckold cocklette.

Worst part is, I still beg for the privilege of being her creampie cleaner to this very day. I can’t believe all of this happened to me but it did and it’s fucked up.

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