Do You Fantasize About Your Wife with Other Men?

Do You Fantasize About Your Wife?

Do you fantasize about your wife with other men? Do you find yourself constantly thinking about what it would be like to see her getting felt up and eventually getting pumped by a stranger or maybe even one of your friends or co-workers?

You know you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be here right now. There’s nothing wrong with that because were all about cuckolding and sharing your wife.

You know as well as we do that your spouse or even your girlfriend deserves to be able to enjoy as much pleasure as possible. After all it’s your duty to do what it takes to please her. Even if it means having to sit and slow stroke as you watch her work up to the point of orgasm while getting thrusted into by another guy.

Fantasizing About Your Wife

Of course there’s always the cases of you husbands that aren’t packing much in the dick department. Well when that it’s pretty much a given why your sitting around having naughty fantasies about your sharing her. It’s guys like you that deserve to watch it and get cuckolded more so than any others.

But long story short you shouldn’t fight these thoughts but rather you should slowly figure out ways to explore them more in depth. Whether it’s online with a cuckoldress or by filling in your wife or girlfriend on your desires.

What we’ve found is the more you experiment the more you’ll realize how much it turns you on. When you fantasize about your wife it becomes a hard one to shake.

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8 thoughts on “Do You Fantasize About Your Wife with Other Men?

    1. Mistress Rachel,You and your site are awesome. i would love to learn more about you. Please, add me to your mlnaiig list, so that i may partake in your wisdom.Humbly, on my knees, bowing at your feet, for your pleasure,Shell

      1. This was great. I didn’t know much about SPH. Imo this is one of the nicer fetishes for a non fet panterr to have but it is all in the eye of the beholder I guess.The thing I like about SPH is to me, dick sizing is a meaningless thing. And people that think it’s bad would be mindless. I’m not really sure if I am able to express this correctly in writing (sounds good in my mind lol) as I don’t think mindless is the word I am looking for. But I like when people try to humiliate me with this sort of stuff. For example, ginger (red hair) hate. Even sometimes racial abuse based on the physical characteristics. Kind of like Yeah, I have read hair and a small dick, wow I am sooooo bad, whatchya gonna do about it?’

  1. I have been sharing my wife for many yrs. It started out with a buddy of mine, then once we “blew” through all of my friends, we started picking up strangers at bars,adult shops and swingers ads etc… We have done it all and I mean all!! Email me if you wanna here the details!!!

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