Cuckold Humiliation and Teasing

Cuckold Humiliation and Teasing

For some cuckolds, simply watching their wife with another man isn’t enough.

Cuckold humiliation is sometimes, depending on the guy, something that they will desire as well. For these cuckolds being humiliated is just part of the excitement surrounding their fantasy. Not every guy into the fantasy will be into this though.

Cuckold humiliation can come in various forms as well, ranging from teasing to verbal abuse to full blown creampie eating or forced bisexuality. It all depends on what they are into.

Cuckolding vs Cuckold Humiliation

In all actuality they are the same but different. Cuckolding simply involves watching or sharing their wife or girlfriend with another man whereas as cuckold humiliation is just that, regular cuckolding with humiliation added into the mix.

This humiliation could be from his woman or from her lover or both!
When it comes to cuckolds, this group that are into cuckold humiliation, have the most difficult time getting this significant other into the fantasy. If you thought getting her into sharing was difficult, imagine trying to get her into humiliation as well.

Don’t worry though, for you guys into cuckold humiliation you can now experience the humiliation in a totally different way, that is still pretty damn hot! What you can do now is get into things via live cuckold video chat. You can chat with solo cuckolding girls, guys or couples and have them cuckold you and humiliate you anytime you’re in the mood.

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