Cuckold Foot Fetishes and Humiliation

Cuckold foot fetishes

Most people wouldn’t think cuckold foot fetishes exist let alone the humiliation that often takes place in the midst.

You might even be wondering what a cuckold foot fetish even is but in reality it’s just a way to describe people that have not only an attraction to pretty feet but also a cuckold fetish as well.

Having the two combined can actually be quiet hot for us ladies if we are into foot play that is. For me I enjoyed my first time with a foot fetish loving cuckold because it just added another dimension to the fun.

I’d be having sex with my hot new lover and he’d be down there kissing and sucking my toes while we teased him. I definitely enjoyed it and I know my lover did but just as importantly, we could see it was driving cucky crazy as well.

Do All Cuckold Foot Fetishes Involve Humiliation?

Not all cuckold foot fetishists are into humiliation but due to the nature of cuckolding and foot fetishism, as you can imagine it usually comes with the territory. After all a guy is sniffing and adoring a woman’s feet while she gives another man a blowjob or has sex right in front of the cuckold. Definitely a natural submissive place to be as the foot loving cucky.

So what about all of you guys out there reading this? How many of you would consider yourselves not just a cuckold or a foot lover but a full blown cuckold foot fetishist?

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