Cuckoldress Alice Avalanche

Cuckoldress Avalanche

So you been sniffing around looking for a cuckoldress to serve online. Luckily for you I, Alice Avalanche happen to be looking for little sissy boys, creampie cleaners and other submissive men ache to serve a superior woman.

I absolutely love dominating men have no problem talking about cuckolding or any other fetish topics. The dirtier they are the better so if you want to hear about how I would turn you into my cuck and make you worship my pussy after I just hgot done having sex with other men maybe even some big black cocks.

Cuckoldress Loves Big Fat Dicks

I’m not prejudice at all, all I care about is finding men with big fat dicks that can truly satisfy me unlike your pathetic ass. Little shrimp cocks like you are only there for one thing this far as I’m concerned and that’s to lick my pussy so it’s nice and lubed up for the real man and for cleanup duty when he’s done.

Oh and another thing I really like is having my ass and feet licked while I bang another man. So if you think you’re ready to take your place as my little cucky then you need to get in touch with me and begin your training as possible because I’m about to become your newest addiction. Remember to share me on Twitter!


  1. CuckednFkcd

    i cant take it i must serve you as the royal cuckoldress that you are. i stroke all night long thinking of you mistress alice

    • Nuttin worse dan being a blackman with a tiny dick. Everyone in my faimly gots big snakes cept me. What the fuck is a blackman to do with 4 inches? I did the only thing I could do, marry a white woman. A very dissapointed white woman at that. You shoulda seen da look on her face da first time she laid eyes on my worm. I know she thought she won da dick lottery and den when she saw it she had da biggest look of disgust.So my bitch wife been fucking boyz in my posse for years without me knowing. Doz mutha fuckas even talked to me bout dis white bitch they fuck all da time. Who knew? Fuck, not me.One night my wife was super sexed up, horny like a bitch in heat and she wanted me lap up dat pussy of hers. I did it cause I’z used to it. She had me lay down on my back and got her cunt up over my face and told me to open my mouth. Den suddenly dis white shit came oozin outta her. I shut my mouth and da bitch slapped me hard. Yep, I was bitchslapped. So I opened my mouth again and let dat nigga spunk drain onto my tongue. The moment it oozed out I new what dat was.She said to me, doesn’t Tony taste good? I bout lost my mind at first, but fuck, tonys spunk was good.We got an arrangement now, an understandin, she fucks around, i eat her spunkycunt and on holidays she jerks me off ..but i gotta eat dat too.

      • Well the last five years of my marriage where like a ccluokd relation. My ex-wife was very unsatisfied with me and my small dick so she had me hump her old plastic rain boots at first. Then she bought a plastic blow up doll and she said I would have to decide weather I take the blow up doll as my girlfriend that I would have to hump when her fiends came to visit or a direct divorce. So I accepted the blow up doll. I was always introduced as her small dicked husband with his plastic blow up doll girl friend to all of her friends. Then I had to hump the blow up doll the whole time friends where in our house. I was not allowed to cum until she allowed me to do so, that was the case when the last friend was about to leave. The maximum time I had to hump the blow up doll was eight hours. The last time I felt a real pussy has been about 15 years ago. My ex wife said my small dick belongs into a plastic cunt of a blow up doll and nowhere else. Today a girl friend of my ex wife is my dominatrix. So I know what might happen.

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