Cuckold Role Play with TeasingDuo

Cuckold Role Play with TeasingDuo

So you are into the idea of becoming a cuckold to your wife? Well then you should try out some hot cuckold role play to see how turned on you get.

We are all about the wife watching scene meaning we are into swapping, watching, domination, humiliation, bisexual scenes and more.

Just imagine how hot it would be chatting with us online, being able to see us on webcam and the whole time we are using your wife’s name and pretending it’s her with her lover in front of you. Talk about hot!

Favorite Cuckold Role Play

Just let us know exactly what you’re into and we can take your fantasies to a whole new level of fun and fine tune it just the way you want it. Oh and just so you know you can hear us the whole time as well so it’ll be the full experience.

We are in our mid 20’s, full of energy and extremely open sexually so feel free to get as frisky as you want. You won’t shock us even if you’re the type of horny cuck who craves creampies and lubing your wife’s lovers dick!

If you want to find out more about us and see more of our pictures view our cuckold profile.


  1. Fellas, be careful of what you wish for. My wife found out about my phone sex habit. She even went so far as to call Mistress Alley! I can’t hold that aginast either of them. I’m weak and pathetic. Ms.Alley told my wife to find a guy to fuck and do it behind my back. Then she wanted her to come home and get her dumbass husband, me, to eat her cunt. She did and I did. She got fucked by some black guy and about 20 minutes later, I ate his cum.I didn’t know it at first, but as I began to taste the odd flavor, my wife held my head down there and told me what she did. She laid down the new law. So now she and Ms.Alley work together to fuck me over, and I must admit to realy loving it. It’s degrading and difficult at times, especially when she makes me watch, but my mouth is right there when that nut bursts its big load.Thank you Mistress Alley for turning me into a cuck and teaching my wife the ways of a real life Cuckoldress.

    • i think you are smart to have a blow up doll. i have one too and it increases flieengs of humiliation so much. Especially if you use it front of a domme like you do. i was forced to have sex with my doll several times on camera in front of women. Then they were sold 4 sale. Everytime i see myself hard and humping the doll it makes me cringe in humiliation.

    • Iz becum one bitch ass male slut for my woman. In my house, Iz the ho. Dont mind at all. Was hard slobberin on the knob of one of my boyz, but my wife waentd it and Iz does what she sayz.Have to thank Mistress Alley for the idea she gave my wife. My woman has her lovers wear condoms when Iz aint around. She saves em and freezes em. Now every time Iz sits down to eat, she puts a little unfrozen jizz on my meals. Its turnin me into a hungry cum eater!

  2. I love your website. It’s very nice and informative. I think it will help my so much to change my boring lifestyle into the adventurous and exciting cuckolding lifestyle

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