What Does Cuckold Cleanup Mean?

What does cuckold cleanup mean?Cuckold cleanup is something you’ll definitely come across when checking things out in the cuckold realm but please note that not all guys into watching their wives are into this first of all. So now lets get to what exactly cuckold cleanup entails.

Some cuckolds not only want to watch and share their wives but some of them also want to do what is known as cleanup duty.

This where after their wife or girlfriend has finished having sex with another man, their man wants to instantly look at and bury his face deep into her freshly enjoyed pussy. They will want to lick it all up and tongue bath their entire vagina right afterwards which is known as cuckold cleanup duties.

Whereas some guys will find it erotic simply to go down on them while they enjoy another man, others will want to do it immediately after they are done either to enjoy the open wetness of it all or in more extreme cases want to actually lick them after another man has came inside of them. The later would be considered cuckold cream pie cleanup

More Variations to Cuckold Cleanup Duties

Another aspect you may find is the cuckold will not only want to take care of his wife in this way but will also want to lick and suck the other man as well to clean him up. These fun filled activities as more veered towards those cucks that love the humiliation factor added into the fun so don’t just jump to the conclusion your man will want this.

Of course there are those who like to go down on their wife and suckle their clit while the lover  is currently having sex with them but that’s not considered cleanup because it’s during the course of the fun. Now that you know what Cuckold Cleanup is; does it turn you on?


  1. yes very much

  2. Try first, going down on your wife after you have cum inside her, if you like this then it will be an even greater turn on to do so after the bull has cum

  3. licking up the creampie is my very favorite part… and her young bull really cums like a pony. i also like to clean him good as well.

  4. Love to clean up both of them

  5. I can attest to Bella’s text/phone/skype sessions and the cuck sessions are unbelievable. She is the most talented Mistress you could ever speak with. So seductive.

  6. jimboslut

    I still can’t help it this idea has been with me for over 10 years and I have to told my wife about 3 years ago. She just won’t cuckold me. I always eat her after I cum in her and tell her most of the time I wish it was someones cum other than mine.

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