Cuckold Website Review: Cuckolds

Cuckold WebsiteOkay time for a Cuckold website review for Cuckolds. If your into the cuckold scene you probably already know how hard it is to find a website related to the topic and better yet one that actually has good content that we haven’t all seen before.

The website Cuckolds certainly makes an attempt at doing so and not a bad one at that. They have a ton of cuckolding videos and hot wife pictures. Unlike most other site out there it’s not totally based on interracial sex which the majority of the so called “cuckold” sites are. Although many do enjoy that fantasy it’s definitely not the majority contrary to popular belief.

Cuckolds Attempts to Get it Right

You could say this site features a mixture of all sorts of races so you can expect a little bit of everything. You’ll find everything from husbands getting humiliated and made fun of to cuckold bulls blasting their loads all over the hot wife’s wedding ring; definitely full spectrum here.

The only real downside is they don’t seem to coming out with tons of new content but that soon should change. There is plenty to keep you occupied plus you’ll get access to some other bonus sites as well to fill the void. Overall we’d rate this site in the 6 out of 10 range. So go ahead and give them a try or at least check out the free previews at their cuckold website. But beware this site is for adults only!

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  1. I want to be a nice cuckold.

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