Dealing with Cuckold Jealousy

Cuckold JealousyDealing with cuckold jealousy is something that often arises when first entering into the lifestyle.

There is nothing abnormal or weird about it, it’s simply part of the transition from being a normal man to a submissive. This often occurs at the very beginning stages cuckolding when the wife or girlfriend is first branching out and starting to interact and experience with new men.

The jealousy may arise out of something as small as having a partner chatting with a man online or over the phone or may not show up until he’s actually there witnessing her with another guy for the first time. Typically it’s all a turn on for the wannabe cuckold until the day comes when he is sitting there rock hard hearing and seeing his wife kissing, rubbing and enjoying pleasure caused by someone other than her husband. This is right about when jealousy pops up but it can be dealt with.

The first thing any new cuckold should know is that you need to expect jealousy to up from time to time. When you see your woman taking a much larger man and having orgasms with ease it’s going to make you feel inferior; naturally. But don’t fight the feeling just embrace it because soon you’ll find yourself enjoying those feels as you watch her in ecstasy.

This applies in a much bigger way for those guys who crave humiliation and who want to experience some form of bi-sexuality such as blowing the bull in front of their wife. Those types of cuckies shouldn’t even consider complaining because that’s what they deserve.

Cuckold Jealousy Can Be Dealt With

Now for those of you who are dealing with cuckold jealousy or may as time continues but don’t enjoy the humiliation you better make it quite clear to your wife or girlfriend what your desires are and what your limitations are so that nothing that pushes things to far happens.

Every cuckold is going to experience these feelings at some point but they can either be something you try to fight (you’ll always lose) or you can work through them and enjoy your new status in life. Just remember the first time is always the most emotional time and after that it’ll only get more and more addictive for you and your partner.

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