Join the Cuckold Club!

Join the cuckold club!Okay so maybe there isn’t an actual cuckold club to join but we’re talking mentally!

Many of you have spent years fantasizing about your hot wife being felt up by another man, tons of you have jacked off picturing her sucking off a friend or some young college stud but what you may not have realized is that you have a cuckold fantasy!

It doesn’t mean you’re secretly gay, it doesn’t mean you don’t care about your wife or girlfriend – it simply means you get aroused by the thoughts of seeing her being pleasured by you or by another man or even by both of you.Hell there are even some of you who have the tiniest little dicks the world can imagine and you get off picturing her with a hung stud for a change; who could blame you?

But I Don’t Want to Join the Cuckold Club?!


So go ahead and join the cuckold club and accept the fact that you have a kinky fantasy or fetish that turns you on because you’ll have a hell of a lot more fun if you quit beating yourself up about it and just become content with who you are.

Here’s a newsflash! It’s not going away no matter how hard you try so instead fantasize about it more, talk openly to your partner and let them know how you feel but don’t jump to any conclusions just make it a part of some hot bedroom talk from time to time or play with a single man or couple on webcam about it. Don’t hide those true cuckold colors, let them out and enjoy the thrill ride!


  1. manfred.girmes

    i enjoy the thrill of a well fucked pussy.

  2. CUCKOLD CLUB- Nice idea
    would that it was real :)
    I am mature bi male seeking the cuckoldress of my dreams !

  3. cuckold dave

    ive been a cuckold for a little over a year… took me years to convince her i wouldnt freak out if she fucked a young stud… now shes really into it. we love the young hung studs … love it when they humiliate the shit out of me and make me lick up a generous creampie… we have had a lot of fun… usually i will cum in my shorts watching a young stud cum in her pussy.

  4. Tonight my wife is going to cuckold me for the third time and l cant wait, it has taken me a long time to convince her that this is what l really want. Now that she has started to cuckold me and she likes my reaction we are hoping to go further each time. Tonight she is going to let her date fill her pussy with cum, ive been waiting to see her full of cum for such a long time this will be well worth waiting for, l hope that eventually she will take on multiple partners at the same time and get several loads into her before she finishes

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